President’s Message 2018


“Each new day lies before you like a path of untrodden snow, be careful how you tread upon it for every mark will show.” I learnt this in primary school.

As the newly elected President of the Mico Alumni Association (Ontario, Canada) I am humbled by the the honour bestowed on me. Thanks for the vote of confidence ,and I hope that with your help we can achieve great things for our Association and the Mico University College.

Thanks to the former Executive Members who have done a great job and have left the door open for us to enter  with ease. We hope to continue with verve, and we therefore crave your cooperation and support in the activities and affairs of the Association.

The Executive Committee and the Standing Committees extend a hearty welcome to our three major events for the the year. (1) Annual Walkathon (2) Annual Family Picnic (3) Annual Scholarship Awards and Banquet.

This edition of our Newsletter will highlight the (i)  Executive Members for 2018; (ii) The Standing Committees (iii) Upcoming events for the year.

We will continue to fund raise, assist and network with the Mico University College, and also with our obligations to the Association in Ontario.  

Our condolences to the Miconians who have lost family and  friends over the past year.

Even though there  is a membership of over two hundred Miconians on our contact  list, some people’s information is still outdated, please feel free to give me  their updates, so that we maintain better communication. Your suggestions and advice continue to inspire me and so I welcome your support. I am also looking  forward for a representation of different batches to bring their creative skills and ideas to the Association.

The Executive Committee and I will continue to work together to improve the focus of the Mico Alumni Association Ontario Chapter for 2018.

Thank you.

Doug Angell.

President : Mico Alumni Association (Ontario, Canada)

April News

 President’s Message

Winston McIntosh

Winston McIntosh, President

As the recently elected president of the Mico Alumni Association (Toronto Chapter), it gives me great pleasure to address everyone; members of the Mico alumni, friends and well-wishers alike. I am excited about this opportunity to serve with such an outstanding group of educators who are devoted to make a difference in the field of education in our community in Toronto.
 From the start, I want to emphasize to everyone that I firmly believe the task of educating our children is the responsibility of all, and should not be left to those who are officially designated as teachers.There is a role for parents and the community at large as we all put heads and hearts together to assist our teachers in the formidable task they wittingly or unwittingly undertake. The association has, over the years, devoted itself to giving back to the community and has therefore been very involved in preparing candidates for teacher training and has been available to mentor those who enter this noble profession for as long as is necessary.
 A good question to ask me is, “How can I be of help?” I would answer by saying that the association needs all the help it can get from people (and not just from teachers) to sit on committees as well as to raise funds for scholarships to train teachers studying both at universities in the GTA and at our alma mater. You can get involved by supporting our annual walk-a-thon, making monetary donations and supporting our other fundraising efforts such as the Annual Scholarship Banquet to be held in November. The contact information of Executive and committee members are included in this newsletter. Do take the time to make contact and to get involved.
 I look forward to working with the Executive committee in place. On behalf of the Executive, I invite you to join us as we seek to make a difference with our youth.



Fay Conville

Member, Dr. Vincent Conville recently mourned the passing of his wife Fay Conville. Dr. Conville, please know that our thoughts are with you and your family.



Natalie Davis-Ellis

The Executive would like to take this opportunity to congratulate member, Natalie Ellis-Davis who recently completed her Master of Education . Mrs. Davis-Ellis pursued her second degree at Ontario Institute for studies in Education. Onward and upward Natalie!

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Final Mentoring Session for 2014-2015

The Education Committee puts on 4 mentoring sessions spread out across the school year. The final session, held on June 10, 2015 saw more mixing than mentoring, but that’s OK too. Great to see teachers who are seasoned to the Canadian school system and those new to Canada come together to sharpen, encourage and inspire each other.051

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Nice Vibe at Our Social


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Old games like Dominoes & Scrabble, new ones likeTaboo and Spot it! That’s what was on at our social held at Ossington Baptist on Saturday night May 9. Plus great networking and conversation, a full course meal from appetizer to dessert, and a Mothers’ Day gift from Mr. J. Special thanks to the cooks and the selector.

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Annual Banquet and Scholarship Awards


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Our Annual Scholarship Awards Function was held on Saturday, October  28, 2014. One highlight of the night was the passionate main address delivered by Ms. Thando Hyman. Ms. Hyman gave a rallying call for us as a grassroots organization to rise to the challenges faced by the Black community. Among other challenges, she mentioned the achievement gap, with black students under-performing when compared to their peers. Our association can make a difference by contributing to the development of a cadre of effective and exceptional teachers through scholarships offered to persons studying in a faculty of education, as well as through its mentoring programme.

Thando Hyman, Guest speaker

Thando Hyman, Guest speaker

Scholarships were awarded to four recipients this year, all of whom are pursuing education degrees at either York University or University of Toronto (OISE).

Mico scholarship recipients

Scholarship Recipients of 2014 (from left to right: Victoria Ennis, Sashalee Carty, Justin Gordon, Natalie Ellis Davis)



















Junior Whisper and Friends provided a musical feast, off-setting the over-bland foreign food which comes as part of the terms of renting the hall. If you know of a more suitable venue at a comparable cost and with better terms, we would love to hear from you. But back to Junior Whisper. His voice was so smooth, it was like having our own Luther Vandross and Lionel Richie rolled in one for the night. But he was not the only one to thrill the audience. Two little girls rendered solos show-casing fabulous talent that no doubt we’ll hear more about later.

On the Floor

On the Floor

Later on it was time to hit the floor. And that we did until the wee hours of the morning.

Picnic 2014: Come Mek Mi Hold your Hand


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This long Time Gal mi neva see you,

Come mek mi hold your hand…

Mek wi walk and talk

Mek wi wheel and tun

Till we tumble dung!

The feeling was irie like that at Picnic 2014.  It was held this year at Thompson Memorial Park (1005 Brimley Rd) on July 13.  It was a relaxing afternoon of food, friend and family. This year Doug Angell brought a cultural twist, hosting a session of Jamaican trivia, jokes, riddles, stories and songs. Yes, we told Big Boy stories -ones that were fit for air play. And when Doug gave the call “Chi-chi bud oh!” we responded with “some a dem a holler some a bawl”.

We laughed at ourselves, Jamaicans in the Diaspora, with stories of folk going off to foreign and forgetting their roots. Remember that one about the woman who saw the wasp in the taxi? The good lady in her proper foreign accent remarked “look at the golden fly”. Taxi driver didn’t do a better thing than to close the windows and when the wasp sting the woman, she bawl out “Green bush! Green Bush!”

mico picnic this

may 2014 303

may 2014 317

may 2014 307

Photo op with the celebrity! Guess who is the celebrity?

may 2014 302

Better belly buss than good food waste!

may 2014 312

Yeah man a so it go!

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Random person passing by with a snake

Random person passing by with a snake

may 2014 321

tug of warmay 2014 310

may 2014 300

Getting to the core of the matter

may 2014 305 may 2014 306

Our annual picnic is something special. Let’s do it again next year. Bring a dish (or not), a friend, your family, dominoes (or a ball), and a good vibe. Come for the network. Come for the food. Come for the laughter. Stay for the bonds we make.

Compliments to Clifton Simpson who prepared the jerk chicken and pork.

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The Mico Alumni Associations extends heartfelt congratulations to Paula Grant who has been promoted to the position of Vice Principal.  Paula, we wish you every success in your new role, you are equal to the task!

Congratulations are also in order for Lorna Muir and Andrew Campbell who have completed doctorial studies. Andrew, who recently defended his thesis, did his Ph.D in Educational Leadership, Policy and Diversity, with a focus on Teacher Performance Evaluation.

Did we miss anyone? Please let us know so we can celebrate your achievement. Send an email via the Contact Us page.


Walking for the Education Fund

A small group from the Mico Alumni Assocation put on their walking shoes and took to Sunny Brook Park at Leslie and Eglinton on Saturday May 3, 2014. So far the walk has raised $4620.10 with some pledges still outstanding. The proceeds of this fundraiser go to our education fund which sponsors scholarships for individuals of Jamaican decent pursuing a Bachelor Education here in Toronto. From time to time association also makes donations from the education fund to our Alma Mater The Mico University College.

This is an annual event, if you missed this year’s walk, there is always next year. There are three ways to participate:

1. Talk about the event, get people to mark their calendars

2. Donate money or raise funds

3. Walk on the day